Our Products

e-Information Courses

GigaLuma specializes in developing original e-Information courses tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking to accommodate accreditation requirements, or abide by general regulations, e-Information courses will satiate your need. While e-Information courses are not intended to be used on a daily basis, they focus on important workplace information. GigaLuma takes pride in turning less than titillating information, such as emergency evacuation protocols or labour building code requirements, into memorable and enjoyable e-Information courses.

e-Learning Courses

GigaLuma provides performance-based e-Learning courses. The purpose of e-Learning courses is assisting learners in decision-making and action-taking. e-Learning courses are interactive programs that monitor learners’ integration and real-world application of instructional content. At the core of GigaLuma’s e-Learning courses are four basic elements of interactive performance: simulations, quizzes/testing, problem-solving scenarios, and drills/practice scenarios. From driver’s license testing scenarios to healthcare education, GigaLuma can help you develop exactly what your business or organization needs.